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I started my photography career when I was 21 years old. Until I became a professional photographer in the year 2000, I spent 6 years learning the art form by assisting 4 photographers with diverse specialties and skillsets; 2 who specialized in advertising, the 3rd in fashion and the 4th was a prominent artist & fine art photographer. This experience helped me diversify and further build on my own technical knowledge and creativity. It gave me a solid foundation in various techniques like darkroom printing, using large format cameras and intricate lighting formats. This allowed me to develop my own style of photography.


Having been a professional photographer for so long, I felt the need to further develop and expand my career. I directed my 1st fashion film in 2016 and it was instant love; The expressions and movement in a human body made me fall in love with the art of film making. So much depth and emotion can be attained in a moving image! 


Luckily enough, becoming a director was a smooth journey for me due to the good reputation I gained in this industry for my creativity and eye for detail. I have directed various commercials and am continuously working on projects, which bring awareness to important topics within our society.


My work has been featured globally and has been published in Lürzer's Archive '200 Best Photographers Worldwide' for the years 2006/07, 2008/09 & 2010/11.


I have worked with many international clients and have shot & directed for brands such as Unilever, Audi, Lexus, L’Official, Marie Claire, Harvey Nichols, Mac Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Bacardi, Grand Hyatt, Visa, Landmark Group, Lodha Luxury, and Etihad Airways. 


For me, this journey has just begun.

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